Sharing your story can be daunting and terrifying. Losing a child is likely the most difficult, heart-wrenching and painful event of your life. We are not here to further traumatize families. Families are in charge. We listen, we learn and we share when, and if, you are ready. 

From our families, we have learned where "systems" of support have broken down and where they can be improved for others in the future. We use what we learn from you to guide our efforts to build more compassionate practitioners and institutions. 

When you contact us, we will send you an email to schedule a time to talk. Typically, we speak with families several times before diving deep into any one story.

Some families may have their experiences featured on our website. Some stories may be submitted to appear in the Huffington Post. Some may be invited to film their stories. We treat each story individually and look for the appropriate placement. Our ability to capture stories depends on our donors and their generosity.

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