Even during the trial, the judge kind of made a comment in reference to something along the lines of, ‘You have to make deals in order for people to talk and share information,’ and I said, ‘How about this: why don’t they not commit a crime in the first place? And then they won’t have to make a deal, because I don’t really agree with rewarding people for poor decision making and deadly decision.’ making.
— Nardyne

My world just fell apart. It fell apart.
— Gale

We only learned after the fact that one of the reasons why Evan wasn’t allowed to receive intravenous pain medication, intravenous morphine, was because the nurses who specialize in treating adults were uncomfortable. The irony of that word is overwhelming to me. They were uncomfortable giving IV medicine to a child at home, while my child was uncomfortable dealing with everything that he was dealing with.
— Gavin

Some (the media) will twist what you say in a very negative way, especially being a person of color. They don’t think you’re able to articulate yourself. They don’t think you have a clean home. They don’t think you are even a human being.
— Nardyne

When he looked down, he saw that we were holding Forrest and I assumed that he thought that Forrest was alive and he laughed at his mistake. But then he quickly realized what had happened...He just cruised right in without even looking at my chart, looking at our door and it was disruptive because it was in the middle of — it was just so soon after that and we only spent 15 or 20 minutes holding Forrest as it was, and that happened right in the middle of it.
— Chris and Gina

One thing that has always stuck with me that Elizabeth Edwards had said after their son Wade died. She said that now she’s parenting a memory. I always think about that, that I am still protective of my child’s memory, and wanting to keep her memory alive and have a legacy.
— Tonya

I’m not the same as I used to be. I don’t think I ever will be. If that doesn’t change how I am with Chris I mean I think it has to change how I am with Chris because I’m different.
— Gina