Those early days were just a fog of confusion, uncertainty, a little bit of anger and just trying to wrap your head around a new reality...It was something that you could never prepare yourself for.
— Gavin

He was one of the initial responders and he just kept holding my hand. He was like, ‘Miss Hawkins, I’ve been in Iraq. Your son, he’s going to be okay.’
— Judy

The disbelief always felt like a bad dream. I was either in a coma somewhere or I was in a deep sleep and this was such a realistic dream. And, I thought and I hoped that one day I was going to wake up and it wasn’t not going to be real at all.
— Wendy

We wanted to make sure that the burden of knowing what he had was on mom and dad. So, he never ever knew what he was facing, at least, we believe he never knew the uphill battle that he was facing.
— Gavin