I used to ask, ‘Why did this happen? Couldn’t I have learned whatever lessons I was supposed to learn in another way?’ But over time I also came to realize that, even if God gave me an answer, it’s not going to bring my child back. So I really stopped asking the question.
— Tonya

People say that we need the power of prayer. Somebody is suffering. Let’s pray for John, or whoever. Then something goes well for John and they say, ‘See what the power of prayer does?’ and that would get me so angry because I’m like, ‘How dare you? How dare you?’ That’s inferring that Evan wasn’t deserving of God’s grace.
— Wendy

I’m going to pray for your son’s soul because he is in hell.
— Friend of Judy's

I want to see my son again. I feel I want to change my life and make better choices and be closer to God so I can see my son again.
— Tiffany